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2016 BMe Leaders

Congratulations to the 2016 BMe Leaders of Pittsburgh . Click here to learn more about the recipients and their inspiring contributions to their community.

What Is #ATU?

Athletic Trauma Unit (#ATU) is a Pittsburgh community of over 800 people who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.

Coach Steel#ATU was established in June 2014 by former NFL player Christopher "Steel" Edmonds. Chris saw a need to bring awareness of the overall benefits of living a healthy life-style to the greater Pittsburgh area by establishing physical activity programs for people of all ages and sizes.

#ATU is a supportive family-focused environment which spans over several communities from Monroeville to the South Side of Pittsburgh with an extensive reach into the North Side of the city.

How it works

#ATU is the only no cost, volunteer, family-oriented fitness training program in Pittsburgh with the capacity to train groups ranging from three people to over 100 people per session. Yes, the workouts are FREE. We kindly accept donations, and there are donation boxes at each workout. These generous donations provide the funding needed to keep the workouts going.

Currently, #ATU has 10 volunteer coaches who lead work out sessions and community events. In addition to promoting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices, #ATU provides mentoring opportunities as well as community-networking and outreach activities for its participants.

Truly judgment-free zone

The #ATU family doesn't care if your overweight, underweight, physically fit, or have never done a single push-up in your life. Age, gender, race, physical ability, or any other difference has no effect in our dedication to seeing you meet your personal goals.

So what are you waiting for? Come see for yourself what it's like to be part of the best physical fitness group in the entire Pittsburgh area.

Athletic Trauma Unit is getting Pittsburgh into shape fast. an...

Are you swimsuit ready? Well if not, ATU can get you there..quickly and for FREE! In this sweaty episode Pghspot.com visits with the masterminds behind this growing Pittsburgh fitness revolution! Owner Chris Steel Edmonds says, "Our workouts are set up for you to fail!" #ATUFor more information about ATU visit: http://www.athletictraumaunit.org/Visit: PghSpot.com for more Spotlight Episodes

Posted by PghSpot.com on Monday, April 4, 2016