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Weight Loss Update
9/28/2016 by Alice C.
I am a 25 year old nurse who had always struggled with my weight from a young age. Last year, I had began to backslide on my weight loss journey and weighed more than i have ever weighed in the recent years. I decided at the beginning of this year to take control of my health. I realized that weight loss requires a lifestyle change not a diet. I began changing the way I ate and was introduced to ATU over the summer. I'm so glad to see my progress over the past few months. I'm not at my goal yet but everyday I feel stronger and better!
Best Decision Made
7/8/2016 by Nissaa Stallworth
Hey Y'all!!! I wanted to be sure to share this quick testimony and goal with you!! Newbies and Vets. I really LOVE MY ATU FAMILY!!! I recently set a few goals for myself. One was to work my way up to running a longer time/distance because I entered my first 5K this fall and the other was to get my weight down in a healthy and productive way that I can manage for the rest of my life. Both goals are being met and no longer do I hear the DON'T AND NO voices but now of the best coaches on this side of Heaven!! Janelle Rawlings, Chris Steel Edmonds, Regis Sauers I love yall!!! I went from running 1 minute to 5 mins to 10 minutes STRAIGHT within two months of pushing and striving to be better. I can't stop smiling. I am 20 lbs down and a few inches tighter. ATU is not only a group but a family! Not only a movement but a lifestyle. I am not only confident in my workouts but now my life in general!!! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!! P.s I need that ATU App!!!
Transformation Tuesday
3/28/2016 by Jamie Myers
In January of 2015 I decided to take a huge leap and train for and run the half marathon. A friend of mine had been telling me about ATU and how great not only the workouts were but the people as well. After countless invites I finally took her up on her offer and attended. I was in total shock as I had never experienced a better workout but more importantly I had never experienced such a positive and motivated group of people. I went back for a few weeks then stalled out as I was so focused on the marathon. The marathon came and went as well as the summer. I had fallen completely off the wagon post marathon and spent the summer picnicing and gaining every pound I lost during my marathon training back. In August life had dealt me quite the hand of cards and I found myself in a dark place and needed a way out. ATU was my way out! I started attending the workouts regularly and began to see and feel tremendous changes in not only my body but in my state of mind as well. Each workout I showed up to a supportive and motivated family who welcomed me and encouraged me every single step of the way. In August I weighed in at 230 and today, March 28, 2016 I weigh 175. I have to thank ATU for helping me lose each and every one of those pounds. More than the numbers on the scale are the friends I have gained, the clarity I feel, and the new healthy lifestyle I have acquired. I look back on August and I'm thankful for the struggle that led me to ATU and my strength. I have to end in true ATU fashion, ATU has: #HELPEDMEFIXMYFACE #CHANGEDMYLIFE #LIFTEDMEASICLIMBED #SHOWEDMEICANANDWILL
Transformation Tuesday
3/23/2016 by Kristin Walker
3/22/16 While my journey didn't start with ATU, I can't imagine my life without it. About 3 years ago I decided it was time. Time to make a change. My husband and I started eating "better". Every night, in the confines of our living room (because I was afraid of public exercise) we did Insanity with Shaun T. As we worked out and lost weight, I began to gain confidence. Confidence to challenge myself, to believe I could do it, to know I could continue to move forward. Exercise became a choice and something enjoyable and necessary, not the torture I used to dread. Life change is more mental change than I could have ever imagined. As time goes on, my scale hasn't changed as much as I would like, but that's on me for not eating as well as I could (and did in the past).  I've conquered my fear of public exercise. I conquered my fear of 5am exercising, although it's still not my first choice! That rainy 5am that Keith, Nicole, and I timidly walked down to steps at the high school will be forever etched in my journey. Together, we did it! And we continue to do it. And, I've conquered my fear of running. I doubt I will ever love it, but I can do it now.  ATU reminds me to try harder, to do more, to become a better, stronger me. Chris leads us all and we encourage each other.  I am proud to be a part of this amazing group: ATU. Thank you! And, my journey isn't over yet!  Janelle--I can't attach the picture, but feel free to pull it from facebook. Thanks! Kristin
3/22/2016 by Jacinta Dutrieuille
I have always loved working out. My problem is/was the joy of eating. Back in October I returned to ATU and I make it a point to be there 2 to 3 times a week. I never know what the the workouts will be. There are times I thought they were/are ridiculous but when the workout is over I feel accomplished. With the workouts and changing my eating habits, I am seeing the changes in and out. I love being a part of the ATU family. Thanks Coach Chris and Coach Regis!
My Journey of Healthy Living
3/22/2016 by Antionette Watkins
After working out for over 15 years, trying different quick fixes (South Beach diet, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Lemonade diet, you name it, I tried it), they all worked, until I started eating regular food again. The weight came back, this was an up and down battle for over 10 years. Then I finally made the change to clean eating and working out (running, cardio and lifting weights). Once I lost the weight and seen that it was staying off, I decided to study to become a personal trainer and help others, letting them know that this is a lifestyle and not a 6 week or 6 month journey and it is never too late to get started (46 years young). It is 80% of what you eat and 20% of working out. I encourage women to add weights to your program (you will not look like a man, you will just have definition, this is how I lost majority of my weight). Stick with it and you will succeed. Can't seem to add a photo.
My 14 year transformation testimony
3/22/2016 by Tracy Floyd
#transformationtuesday A lot of ups and downs with my weight. In 1995, I lost 74 lbs only to gain it back plus an additional 20 pounds in 1997. Then I had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2002. Lost 80lbs, but eventually gained 20 of that back. In 2014, I decided to make a LIFESTYLE change and not diet. Since, I lost that 20lbs and an additional 30lbs!!! I've kept it off since February 2015. Continuing on this journey, now building muscle.
Momma Bear Getting Strong
3/3/2016 by Claudia Marcoline Trautman
I have to say that after countless surgeries, and going through one of the most stressful periods of my life, I'm glad to have found ATU. I might only make it once a week, but I leave feeling stronger and ready to continue my battle! This Momma Bear isn't going down !
Thank you
2/19/2016 by Vern Philips
I wanna thank ATU for helping me get right. I was suffering back issues for a while. Now that I am able to move again better. You all help me more than any doctors i went too. God BLESS
Bringing me back
2/6/2016 by Ronald Burke
I am a 54 year old male that one time early in my life was very athletic. But through the life experiences my focus became less on my physical status and more on business opportunities. Which in turn created a few medical problems. Since joining ATU my resent visit to my primary doctor has been life changing ! All my medical problems are going away at a rapid pace. I have not experienced something like this EVER ! I would like to thank the staff of ATU that has jump started a change in my life !!!! You guy's are the best ! So I say to anyone out there suffering from the same problems as I then come on out to one of the sections. You to will feel life changing opportunities ! Thanks again ! You guy's ROCK ! Ronald Burke
Trauma Week
1/20/2016 by Tamira Wilson
I finally had a taste of ?#?ATU? Trauma Week. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Friends been telling me how awesome it is. I almost talked myself out of it because I missed 2 days. But the most important thing is to decide to just show up, jump in and do it!! My health is worth it!! Yours is too, so show up tomorrow!
Trauma Week Day 2
1/20/2016 by Regis Sauers
Great night tonight, who needs a halftime, not ?#?atu?.. you are all getting stronger and better everyday.. keep pushing your limits to achieve your goals..
Trauma Week Day 3
1/20/2016 by Deidre Lesesne
Who knew I come today and Coach Chris would have us on a suicide mission! Many casualties today smh. We sprinted a marathon 26.2 laps (the .2 was the walk to the car). Did anybody find my friend Halftime?!....1's, 2's, 3's got 15 seconds to take a breathe suicides till you die. Who got next? We all do smile :-) ?#?Fatlivesmatter? ?#?TraumaWeek? ?#?Day3? ?#?Ihatesprints?
To the limit
1/20/2016 by Carmen Bruce
Just want to give a special thanks to the ATU family and Wolfpack Ladies (you know who you are smile emoticon! Feel like I've been away from you guys for awhile, but always so easy to pick it back up with the motivation of family! Thanks Coach Chris for pushing us to our limit today!
1/20/2016 by Ed Sauer
So Tuesday's workout was a very interesting workout. On the surface it was very simple, Chris sends us all down to the gym to grab weights/Plates 25,35,45Lbs..very simple routine Squats, Curls, Steering the car! Walking and squat and hold. However under the surface it became more complex for me, it gave me perspective, perspective about a place I no longer ever want to be. I grabbed a 35 pound plate, and half way through the Walk and Squat section of the workout is when it hit, the gravity of what 35lbs really is to me. The 35 pound plate represented my weight and struggle that I have been overcomeing. At this point on the side line during the squat and hold, I dropped my plate. The pain in my back was relentless and a flood of emotion and clarity of what I had put myself through for so many years being so heavy, all the while I hear Chris barking at me not to give in and get back into the fight, I collect myself I grab my plate and I finish the workout. So my question to you is what does that plate you grabbed mean to you? Think back about that workout and try and gain a new perspective about such a very simple workout..and for those who missed it, or anyone who is thinking" I want to lose 35 pounds", I challange you to grab 35 pounds wear it for a day... I grabbed a 35 pound plate, since Nov 1, 2014 I've lost nearly 170 lbs, by time that simple workout was over that 35 pounds felt like every pound I've lost..PERSPECTIVE.